First Business Census Technical Committee meeting

The Deputy Director General from the Equatorial Guinea National Statistics Institute, Fidel Sepa Mebulo, oversaw on Friday 24th July a Meeting of the Technical Committee for the I Business Census, which took place in the meeting room at the State Treasury. The meeting took place due to Decree No. 117, of 5th September, ordering the creation of the I Business Census in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.
The aim of the meeting was to validate everything done in the office, as a definitive review by the national commission for the business census.
On the agenda, there was a reading of Decree 117, ordering the business census, an executive summary of the work done, a presentation and validation of the time line of activities for the census, and the presentation of the budget for the census.
Furthermore, also taken into account was the correction of the little information in companies operating in the country, in order to provide authorities, technical partners and financiers reliable data on the demographic structure of companies carrying out their economic activities in the nation.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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