First G5 meeting confirmed

The Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Brussels, led by Carmelo Nvono-Nca, has for three years been in the team designing and negotiating the creation of the G5 group of countries, that will bring together a country from each continent which has the characteristics of being small but with large economic potential and resources. Finally, and following a meeting with Juan Solaeche, Rector of the Society of International Studies, an influential academic institution that will coordinate the management of the group, the G5 is going to hold its first meeting on an academic level.

The important meeting will take place on 17th May at the Illustrious College of Lawyers in Madrid and, together with the Ambassador Nvono-Nca, will feature Ambassadors to the Kingdom of Spain from the Republic of Panama, Milton Cohen-Hernandez y Sasso; from Israel, Daniel Kutner; from Singapore, Barry Desker, and from the Principality of Andorra, Jaume Gaytan Sansa. Furthermore, during the meetings, which will be called “Strategic countries: economy and geopolitics”, a series of top analysts will provide a panel on economic and geostrategic indexes and security and defence, for each country and as a group.

This initiative could become a new, powerful political and economic alliance on a global level, as it is made up of a total of five countries, one from each of the regions of America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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