First Lady is Pilgrim of Honour

The First Lady of the Nation, Constancia Mangue de Obiang, has performed a series of activities in the Spanish city of Murcia, where the celebration took place of the III International Conference of Guilds and Brotherhoods, organised by the Higher Chapter of Guilds and the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia, under the high patronage of H. M. the King of Spain.

The purpose of the trip was mainly for religious reasons, with the highlight being the pilgrimage from the Church of San Salvador to the Church Basilica Custodian of the Cross, with stops at various stations for the Sacred Relic.

During her visit, she received the appointment as Pilgrim of Honour, within the framework of the III International Congress of Guilds and Brotherhoods, and the Cross of the Pilgrim from the Director of the Chair in Architecture and Humanities from the Catholic University of Murcia, in the presence of civil and religious authorities.

On 9th, at 20:30, the First Lady received in audience the Mayor of Lorca; the Director of the Chair from MUHER-UCAM; and the President of the Company Development Euroafrica. These meetings were also attended by the Minister of State Charged with Missions, Alejandro Evuna Ovono Asangono, and the President of CICTE, Anacleto Olo Mibuy.

At 22:00, the First Lady and her delegation were honoured with a welcome dinner offered by the Company DIEA (Development International Euroafrica).

Throughout the First Lady’s stay in the city of Murcia, various meetings took place:

– Working meeting with the Red-Madre Foundation of Spain, Murcia, with CANIGE.

– Meeting with a group of female entrepreneurs at the Region of Murcia Chamber of Commerce.

– Meeting with the Vice-Rector of University Extension from the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM).

– Parallel meeting with the Higher Institute for Education in Murcia.

In accordance with the programme established by the UCAM-CICTE mixed commission, the delegation from Equatorial Guinea planned to visit the Catholic University of Murcia and hold a meeting with members of the delegation from Equatorial Guinea.

The President of UCAM immediately offered to grant the joint extension for a university campus with the CICTE, the national institution charged with scientific, technological and human research. The President of UCAM ordered a study of the fastest mechanisms for both parties in order to implement the offer.

At the same meeting, in the name of the board, the university announced recognition of various scientific and social merits of members of the delegation from Equatorial Guinea, granting them the honorary titles of Professors Honoris Causa, on the proposal of the Chair of Architecture and Humanities, to Anacleto Olo Mibuy, for his contribution to the development of science and culture; to professor Toribio Obiang Mba, for his contribution to the communication and transmission of truth, via social media; to Teodoro Biyogo Nsue Okomo, expert in International Relations, for his contribution to social relations between countries and national and foreign institutions.

The First Lady’s trip to Spanish soil to mark the participation in the 2017 Jubilee Year may be described as a success. As a consequence, the creation of a Monitoring Committee was proposed, which will meet every 15 days, under the auspices of the First Lady of the Nation to direct the immediate consequences, and coordinated via her cabinet and the CICTE.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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