First Lady sponsors socio-cultural health day on HIV-AIDS

Under the banner United to Improve the Quality of Life of our Urban District, the initiative of the First Lady, Constancia Mangue de Obiang, on the fight against HIV/AIDS in Equatorial Guinea took place.

On Sunday 30th June, the encounter took place in the urban district of Basakato de la Sagrada Familia, and brought together local authorities. The Presidential Adviser in Health matters, Justino Obama Nve, represented the First Lady at the event, which was also attended by the UNAIDS Representative in Equatorial Guinea, Jeanne Seck.

The Mayor of Basakato de la Sagrada Familia gave a welcome speech to the guests, followed by a speech from the ambassador from the Start free, Stay Free, Aids Free programme, Piruchi Apo.

Jeanne Seck highlighted the leadership of the First Lady in the continuous fight against HIV/AIDS in Equatorial Guinea, and indicated that through this type of event the aim was not only to involve communities, but bring health services to the population, This type of event involves all levels of the community and covers important topics such as the fight against HIV/AIDS, and it will help us to extend our efforts to cover the needs and change the tendency of the AIDS pandemic. In Equatorial Guinea the national epidemiological data indicates that the blood positive incidence in the general population is 7.1%, and that continues to be the highest in the West and Central Africa Region, despite the efforts of the Government to decentralise the prevention services in the transmission of HIV from mother to child; the review of the treatment guide, and the provision of free treatment for HIV/AIDS for the entire population”.

She also affirmed that new infections in young people continue to increase, above all among girls from 15 to 24, because there is a lack of education regarding family planning, and the transmission of sexual diseases between young people and teens.

For his part, Justino Obama Nve said that the First Lady had always shown an interest in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and mentioned the involvement of the Government in the fight against HIV/AIDS. In addition, he appealed to the conscience because this task should be for everyone, above all young people and pregnant women, as the most vulnerable sectors, This project needs support from everyone in order to provide youth with the means necessary to prevent the disease of HIV/AIDS and the treatment of those infected. I invite communities to support this initiative, so that together we can combat HIV/AIDS”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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