First Lady’s activities

The First Lady of the Nations, Constancia Mangue de Obiang, performed various acts of solidarity, consisting in flying out a two-year-old girl suffering from an illness in her arm, and the return of homes to three families who suffered great losses following a fire.

The little two-year-old, Cecilia Eyenga Nzue Obono, was flown out to Tunisia with her mother in the early hours of Sunday 22nd to seek better health, thanks to the generosity of the First Lady.

Furthermore, the Godmother of the most vulnerable Social Strata in Equatorial Guinea went to Wachacha, Baney, to present houses to three families following reconstruction and renovation following a devastating fire on 21st October 2016.

During the presentation of the houses, the First Lady ordered the renovation of five more houses, under her far-reaching humanitarian patronage.

Furthermore, she recommended that the recipient families looked after the houses, while wishing the entire neighbourhood of Wachacha a pleasant Sunday.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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