First Plenary Session of 2018 in Congress of Deputies

On 1st February the deputies held their first plenary session in order to adopt the agenda for the first period of ordinary sessions for the eighth legislature.

The plenary session took place under the moderation of President Gaudencio Mohaba Messu, assisted by members of the Table.

During this first ordinary period of sessions for 2018, the deputies will look at various proposals for the ratification of international conventions and cooperation agreements signed by the Government with friendly countries.

These include the proposals for ratification of the United Nations Convention on jurisdictional immunity for States and goods; the United Nations Convention against Corruption, of 30th October 2003; the Rome Convention for the unification of specific rules relating to the conservation of aircraft, from May 1993, and the convention signed with the Kingdom of Morocco to avoid double taxation and tax evasion.

With respect to the cooperation agreements signed by the Government with friendly countries, the lower Chamber will look at the ratification proposals signed by the Republic of Benin for the promotion and protection of investors, among others.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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