First workshop on dissemination of activities of Telecommunications Regulatory Body

On 14th March, the Vice-Minister for Transport, the Postal Service and Telecommunications, Hipolito Ondo Nvo, oversaw the opening ceremony for the workshop; an activity that lasted a day and aimed to demonstrate the work done by ORTEL.

Taking part in the seminar were representatives from international organisations, director generals of organisations and some ministerial departments, and representatives from companies in the telecommunications sector.

The event began with opening words from the Vice-Minister for Transport, who welcomed the participants, and said that the workshop provided an opportunity to get to know the body and its work. He pointed out various aspects regarding the seminar, inviting the participants to take the knowledge on board, in order to achieve the stated aims.

After hearing his words, the Director General of ORTEL, Jose Eko Owono, also gave an introductory speech, which was followed by the first panel of presentations, covering: Current regulations in the telecommunications sector; ORTEL as regulator, and a total of five approved ministerial orders were also presented.

Following various debates, the workshop came to a close with words from the Vice-Minister, who pointed out the importance of beginning to comply with the recommendations of harmonisation for equipment and regulations against radiation.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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