Foreign Minister attends celebration marking XXVII Anniversary of German Unification

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Simeon Oyono Esono, gave a speech marking the celebration of the XXVIII Anniversary of German Unification, in which he took the opportunity to recall the importance of celebrating national days, such as the 50th Anniversary of Independence in Equatorial Guinea.

“Ladies and gentlemen,

It is for me an honour and a privilege to share once again the celebration of the national holiday marking the celebration of the twenty-eighth anniversary of 3rd October 1990, which fills me with joy and, taking advantage of the opportunity provided for me, in the name of H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo congratulate the Government and the Republic of Germany for this important event.

This commemoration not only symbolises the end of World War II, but presents a tangible symbol of unity, in order build a world of peace and happy coexistence between peoples.

Within this framework, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and Germany, under the impulse and political will of H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and H. E. Angela Merkel, have been developing relations of friendship and cooperation which are being strengthened through the signing of various cooperation agreements in areas of common interest. Taking into account that Germany represents a global power due to its stability and scientific capacity, together with its weight within the EU and in the world in general, the alliances between the two countries constitute an example of good collaboration that must exist between countries from north and south.

In that sense, I must point out with pride and satisfaction the positive progress obtained since the framework agreement on cooperation, which can be seen reflected in the various visits made by the two countries in recent years.

It is worth pointing the agreements made by the increase in German companies operating in Equatorial Guinea, such as the air agreement with the Lufthansa airline, and the cooperation with the EU, with Germany an example for peace, security, justice and sustainable development in the world”, began Oyono Esono, in a speech which retraced the various agreements between the two countries and the close relations between the two States.

The minister continued with his speech, this time addressing the German ambassador,

“Mister Ambassador,

I shall once more take advantage of this opportunity that we are celebrating many important events that represent for the history of the two countries a journey towards posterity. Furthermore, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea will be at its best with the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of our independence. We do not tire of celebrating these important events, as they represent pride and serve as a homage to the historical memory of our peoples.

Furthermore, the commitment by Equatorial Guinea to continue to cooperate closely with Germany in the search for peace, development and stability in the world.

I wish to conclude my speech by congratulating the Government of Germany, for the celebration of this significant event, congratulate them for the celebration of it and ask the ambassador for his Government and mine to continue to work together in order to make the cooperation more fruitful, more advantageous and more prosperous”.

For his part, the Federal Republic of Germany Ambassador, Elmar Jakobs, also gave a speech which began in the following manner, Excellencies, resident and non-resident ambassadors in Malabo. I also wish to give a special greeting to our colleagues who have presented their credentials to H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of the Republic, and who has delighted us with his presence. Congratulations, colleagues.

From twenty-eight years ago, Germany has been once again united in democracy and freedom. German unity would not have been possible without the confidence that it could develop in a peaceful positive way within Europe.

In June, Germany was chosen from over 180 states as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, for a period of two years. That implies a mandate to continue to contribute towards peace and security in the world.

The purest form of multilateralism is based on the creation of fair conditions for all. To that end, we wish to offer our collaboration in an open alliance with all interested parties.

The world of the twenty-first century demands that we leave isolation behind; it is right and it is possible. We share these objectives, I am convinced, with Equatorial Guinea.

The latest meeting in New York showed that there are many possibilities of setting up collaboration with Equatorial Guinea, between two countries that will be working together before the UN in 2019.

The latest year has been very successful, as we considerably extended our bilateral relations, thanks to the participation of young Equatoguineans in seminars and conferences, in addition to unprecedented cultural exchanges, and of course the trips by ministers from the two nations in order to establish these relations.

Within another context, the guests from Germany for the national fiesta is a group of traditional Bavarian musicians, who for the first time have travelled to Africa to celebrate with us, and have found new friends through music, thanks to the joint practice sessions with the choir from Malabo Cathedral.

Thank you to the entire team from the embassy, including my wife, who have worked incessantly in order to make this celebration possible.

Your excellency mister Minister, honourable guests, esteemed friends, I hope we can all have an enjoyable evening”, concluded the German ambassador.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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