Foreign Minister gives speech before UN General Assembly

Every September there is a session of the General Assembly, in order to debate and seek solutions to the main problems and challenges facing the world. After attending various meetings within the framework of the 74th ordinary period of sessions, and having taken part in all the debates, the Equatoguinean minister gave a speech on 27th September to present to the world the position of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea regarding the various challenges currently faced.

Along those lines, and in accordance with established protocol, Oyono Esono began by firstly passing on the greetings of peace and brotherhood sent by H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and, after having congratulated the new President of the General Assembly, Tijiana Muhammad Bande, on being elected to lead the work of the 74th period of sessions, and the former President, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, for the work done, he highlighted the problems negatively affecting human harmony and existence, with humankind as author and origin.

It is thus imperative that between us all we strengthen and make more effective the work of this great organisation as, to date, with its limitations, it has shown itself to be the most valuable instrument in the search for solutions to the important challenges facing humanity”, declared Oyono Esono, and in addition lamented the fact that, since the creation of the United Nations, there had not been a single day which had not produced human victims as a consequence of armed conflicts of varied nature affecting the world; beginning with the fact that the UN itself arose from the rubble of one of the most bloody armed conflicts in history, the Second World War, “which now in itself should serve as an example and warning of how destructive the malevolent action of human beings can be”.

Furthermore, Simeon Oyono made it clear that for greater effectiveness in the United Nations, the organisation must reform in order to guarantee its own survival as a useful body for the benefit of humanity, and must have the ultimate aim of increasing via urgent substantial institutional change its legitimacy, effectiveness and acceptance. Regarding this point he referred to the stagnated reform of the Security Council, a situation which, if it were resolved by taking into account the voices complaining about the traditional but now obsolete format, would help the UN to be more representative and, once and for all, would repair the historic injustice of denying the African continent of the privileges and permanent voice resulting from membership of this high political body.

Along the same lines, the minister made it clear that African countries would continue with the fight until justice was done, based on the Ezulwini Consensus and the AU Sirte Declaration, which cover and include all the legitimate aspirations of the continent.

With regards to the peacekeeping operations, Oyono Esono pointed out that they must have strong backing and support from the various tiers and members of the United Nations, and for that reason it is important to motivate host nations and countries contributing troops, incidentals and funds, The advantages provided by the knowledge held by regional and subregional organisations must be understood and used, and closer alliances involving greater trust must be forged”.

Backed by applause from the Equatorial Guinea delegation in the hall, the head of Equatoguinean diplomacy also lamented the fact that, despite Equatorial Guinea being a huge lover of peace, our country continues to be the target of threats and attempts at destabilisation with the only aim of overthrowing the legitimate authorities in order to take over the natural resources and wealth that belongs solely to the people of Equatorial Guinea, It is not the first time we have pointed out to this august assembly the dangers and risks implied in destabilising Equatorial Guinea, and the disastrous consequences that could befall the entire region”.

Before concluding his speech, Oyono Esono referred to the United Nations Security Council, pointing out that the time for Equatorial Guinea on this decisionmaking body hag provided an unsurpassed opportunity to show the world that the trust placed in our country has brought out the best, and the country has attempted to serve the aims followed by the Security Council, which is the defence of international peace and security.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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