Four themed blocks at NEC are concluded

Representatives of the committees making up the four themed blocks at the III National Economic Conference presented on 3rd May their corresponding conclusions before the plenary session, overseen and moderated by Francisco Pascual Obama Asue, the Prime Minister of the Government, Charged with Administrative Cooperation. On Thursday, each committee drew up a draft report containing recommendations in favour of redirecting the Horizonte 2020 national Plan, now reformulated as Horizonte 2035.

As with the separate blocks, after each presentation there was a section for debates through which, through the agreement of everyone, the table removed, retained or added pertinent details, for the subsequent creation of the final act. which will be read on Saturday at the closing ceremony of the III National Economic Conference.

The committee relating to the block on Productivity and Industrialisation, under the Minister for Industry and Energy, Miguel Okua Ondo, was the first to present proposals to the table led by the Prime Minister.

Nicolas Houtonji Acapo, Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, Forests and the Environment, presented the recommendations by the committees on Sustainability and the Environment.

The third group related to Social Inclusion and Sustainable Peace, with recommendations presented by the head of Justice, Worship and Penitentiary Institutions, Salvador Ondo Nkumu, was the centre of attention for those gathered, as peace is one of the essential motors guaranteeing the development of a country.

Now into the evening, the final committee to present its proposals was that related to the block on the Eradication of Poverty, under the Minister for Social Affairs and Gender Equality, Maria Consuelo Nguema Oyana, in which they analysed the strategies that the Government should develop for its eradication, concluding that through work, effort and the involvement of everyone it is a goal that can be achieved.

The three Vice Prime Ministers, Clemente Engonga Enguema Onguene, A�ngel Mesie Mibuy and Alfonso Nsue Mokuy, assisted the Prime Minister of the Government at this plenary session.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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