Fourth meeting of Senate Table

Members of the Senate Table, led by its President, Teresa Efua Asangono, met on 26th February for the fourth time running this year, to once again agree to the programme of legislative activities corresponding to the First Ordinary Period of Sessions 2019.

With the aim of obtaining balanced, efficient work, the Senate Table met to review the minutes and opinion issued by the Chamber of Deputies on the Draft Law modifying certain articles of Law number 272014, of 28th July, on State Civil Servants.

This legal tool, which will be looked at in a second reading by legislators in the near future, aims to improve the policies of modernisation in public management, the rationalisation of State resources in order to continue to constitute an effective, agile, flexible public administration that consolidates its professional basis.

The Government is submitting this legal instrument for consideration by national Parliament as a consequence of the constant economic, political and social development witnessed in the country. Within this context it has been deemed necessary to continue with the review, update and adaptation of articles 116 and 117 of law No. 272014, on the retirement of officials, articles which have undergone slight amendments in the Chamber of Deputies, and others which have been introduced by members of the Senate Table in order to reach agreement with the board of spokespersons.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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