Funeral of Carlos Ntutumu Ñengono

The Senate is in mourning since February 10 due to the sudden death of the Senator of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) in the district of Bata, Carlos Ntutumu Ñengono, whose absence will be felt in the sessions of the institution, which was inaugurated in January of this year.

Specifically, all the country’s institutions were mobilized this Saturday including the highest institutions, to pay their last respects.

The First Vice President of the Republic for Presidential Affairs, Ignacio Milam Tang, represented the Head of State, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, at the State ceremony which, for this purpose, took place at the Conference Center of Ngolo (Bata), on February 14.

The last posthumous tribute, which was attended by several personalities of the political, economic and social life of our country, began with the laying of wreaths in front of the coffin, a total of seven, belonging to the family, PDGE, Government, Parliament, Senate and Presidency of the Republic.

Ignacio Milam Tang described him as a good adviser, from his personal experience, as the deceased had held these functions in the Government Presidency, before assuming his responsibility in the Senate.

The Vice President also said that “despite everything, when you lose a loved one, we surrender to the proof that death is a mystery that we should accept with resignation.”

The State funeral ended with a Mass at the Bata Cathedral officiated by the Bishop of the diocese, Juan Matogo Oyana, accompanied by several religious officials.

It was also attended by several national, regional and local authorities in the mainland capital, as well as family, friends and acquaintances of Ntutumu Ñengono.

During the mass, the Vice President of the Republic took the opportunity once again to express his condolences to the bereaved family. Carlos Ntutumu was buried on February 15 in the village of his birth, Mican, located just over 30 km from the city of Bata, in relative privacy.

Text and photo: Luis Felipe Rondo (First Vice President’s Press Office)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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