Funeral of Julian Mariano Mba Mba Nchama

In an exceptional manner, the headquarters of Radio Television Equatorial Guinea (RTVGE) in Bata opened its doors for those who wanted to say goodbye to the popular journalist, who died in a traffic accident. The Minister of Information, Press and Radio, Teobaldo Nchaso Matomba, attended the ceremony.

The tribute to Julian Mariano Mba Mba Nchama, one of the best journalists of RTVGE, began on the morning of Friday, December 19, at the headquarters of Radio Television of Equatorial Guinea in Bata. There, his colleagues gave him the deserved honors for his personal and professional career.

After this event, the funeral procession traveled to the hometown of the deceased, Niefang Yemvam, for the wake, which lasted until dawn on Saturday.

At approximately two in the afternoon of Saturday, December 20, a funeral mass was held at the town’s family residence, and which was attended by the Minister of Information, Press and Radio, Teobaldo Nchaso Matomba, in addition to important personalities of the country, such as senators and deputies, as well as family, colleagues, friends and acquaintances of the journalist, who gave him his last goodbye.

After the funeral, the remains of Julian Mba Mba Nchama received Christian burial in the municipal cemetery of Niefang.

Julian Mariano Mba was born in 1967 and died on Saturday, December 13, in a traffic accident.

“Only a hero dies in the line of duty.”

Rest in peace.

Text: Pilar Cecilia Ayecaba Ndong
Photos: Miguel Angel Andjimi Ndong (D. G. Base Internet)

SOURCE: Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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