General Directorate of Web Page evaluates work done in 2017 and addresses work for 2018

The personnel and technicians from the General Directorate of the Equatorial Guinea Institutional Web Page met at the headquarters of the executive in order to evaluate the work carried out last year, and draw up an action plan for 2018. The meeting was coordinated by the Director General, Filiberto Nseme Nsue Nchama.

The meeting, held at the headquarters of the Ministry for Information, Press and Radio, in Malabo II, and led by the General Director of the Equatorial Guinea Institutional Web Page, Filiberto Nseme Nsue Nchama, was aimed at an evaluation of the work done during 2017 and to address the action plan for 2018.

During the meeting, the personnel and technicians under the General Directorate explained the difficulties and successes in carrying out their work.

Following these interventions from personnel, Nseme Nsue congratulated the consistency and daily effort made by the working team and all those who make the growth of the institution possible.

Among the matters presented and analysed were the introduction of new sections; refresher courses; the updating of the home page, and the introduction of news on the page in the Portuguese language, as is fitting for a country such as the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, which is a member of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP).

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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