GETESA and MUNI sign a cooperation agreement

The signing of this agreement took place on the morning of Tuesday, February 17, at the Ministry of Transportation, Technology, Postal Services and Telecommunications, in order to improve telephone and Internet services and the establishment of new rates that will satisfy the entire population. According to the Director General of ORTEL, tariffs will be reduced by 60% thanks to the fiber optic connection.

Precisely the conference hall of the Ministry of Transportation, Technology, Postal Services and Telecommunications was the venue of the signing of the agreements between the Directors General of the Equatorial Guinean Telecommunications Company (GETESA) and MUNI Telecom, Costantino Obiang Mba and Oumar Bonkoungou.

This new and ambitious project of the Government that was established on Tuesday morning, in the presence of the Minister of the field, Francisco Mba Olo Bahamonde, aims to improve telephone services in the country, through the interconnection of optical fiber.

After the signing, Mba Olo Bahamonde told the company representatives that the agreement signed is important for the Government and people of Equatorial Guinea, making it necessary to work with seriousness and professionalism.

The Minister also added that: “The agreements you have just signed are necessary to improve telecommunication services in Equatorial Guinea. It is true that the field of technology grows daily, so technicians from both companies will work closely together to eradicate the problems of this sector.”

He also appealed to the Equatorial Guinean company Comunicacion Sociedad Anonima (GECOMSA), to get involved in social projects.

-“On the other hand, I want to appeal to GECOMSA to be more involved in the development of activities, both social and governmental of the country, following the example of other entities, since gestures of this nature encourage people to increasingly approach the services of your company.”

Moreover, Obiang Mba and Oumar Bonkoungou agreed on the same aspects, ensuring that the agreed strategic services are already underway, and that in the near future the people of Equatorial Guinea will enjoy the benefits provided by telephone services, such as 3G and 4G high speed networks with affordable rates and other supplementary services.

The Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Equatorial Guinea (ORTEL), Hermogenes Nzang Esono, in his speech said that users must wait a little longer for those new technologies to be finally implemented, with a reduction of up to 60% of costs.

-“We, as a government entity, are pleased by this great agreement between these two telephone companies in the country. And as telecommunication regulators of the nation, we will be carefully watching over the services to be implemented in the coming days,” added Nzang Esono.

This meeting was attended by the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Rufino Esono Engonga, and the Director General of Postal Services and Telecommunications, Carlos Esono Miko Nsing, among other officials of the ministerial department.

Text and photos: Mansueto Loeri Bomohagasi (D. G. Base Internet)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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