GITGE executive board meeting

On 11th December, the president of the GITGE executive board, Celestino Bonifacio Bacale, oversaw the second meeting of the board in 2018, which was attended as guests by Eucario Bacale Angue, Minister for Transport, the Postal Service, and Telecommunications; Ireneo Mangue Monsuy, Director General for Autonomous Bodies and ones with a State Stake-holding, and Ismael Efua Mbana Maquina, State Treasury Paymaster General.

The meeting took place at the facilities of the central headquarters of the entity, in Malabo II.

The points on the agenda were the following:

1. Reading and approval of minutes from previous meeting

2. Report on the current state of the restructuring process for the entity

3. Current state of the entity’s various strategic projects

4. Presentation of the new catalogue of prices

5. Possible investment in the telecommunications sector

6. Any other business

During the meeting those present debated issues related to the evolution of the underwater cable to Brazil project (SAIL); the FTTH project, Fibre to the House; the state of the Cape San Juan (Corisco) underwater cable project; the project to restructure the company at the level of administrative departments, and the proposal for the new catalogue of services and its advantages.

They also debated other projects related to the sector of activities in which the entity operates, such as the creation of an incubator to create new investment projects for the future, and the installation of a fibre optical cable factory in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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