GITGE hands out gifts from Magi to hospitalised children in Malabo and Bata

To mark the feast of the Magi, members of the GITGE board have handed out toys and books to hospitalised children in Malabo and Bata.

Through its commitment to create a more equal community, and with the aim of making the stays for hospitalised children more bearable, two teams from GITGE, led in Malabo by the Deputy Director General, Marcos Ncogo MaAe, and in Bata by the GITGE representative for the Continental Region, Nicanor Micha Obama, representing the Director General, A�scar Ondo Ngomo, visited regional hospitals in the two cities to hand out gifts that “the Magi left in the GITGE offices”.

A total of 400 gifts of books and toys were handed out between Malabo and Bata. The gifts were mainly given to hospitalised children but, in the case of Malabo, after handing out gift to those, they were also given to children who were present in the paediatrics area.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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