Government and FAO work together for sustainable national fishing

From 1st to 5th July, the United Nations Organisation for Food and Agriculture, in collaboration with the Ministry for Fishing and Water Resources, is organising a seminar workshop on the creation of strategies and a national action plan in order to comply with the FAO agreement on the State measures in ports designed to prevent, impede and eliminate illegal undeclared and unregulated fishing from 2009.

Illegal fishing is an urgent problem that significantly reduces the economic and natural resources of the global economy and the marine environment. For that reason, the Government, through the Ministry for Fishing, the Ministry for Transport and other national institutions, met to review and analyse national conditions, in consonance with the policies, legislation, systems and operations of national MCS with the established provisions.

The opening ceremony was overseen by the Minister for Fishing, Adoracion Salas Chonco, accompanied by the FAO Representative, Fatima Espinal, workshop specialists Ricardo Dominguez Llosa, Fishing Officer from the FAO, and Javier Villanueva, specialist in fishing from the FAO, and those attending the seminar.

During the ceremony, the FAO Representative recalled that in March 2019, the investigation service from the European Parliament published a report on piracy and armed robbery on the coasts of Africa, indicating that two maritime regions were chiefly concerned about piracy in the region: the Gulf of Aden in the east, and the Gulf of Guinea in the west.

To that end it said that, as with piracy, illegal undeclared unregulated fishing tended to occur in areas affected by problems of insecurity, underdevelopment and poor governance. Faced with this situation, the FAO is promoting the application of the agreement on State port control measures.

Among other things, she concluded that this seminar aimed to raise awareness in decision-makers, strengthen their skills, and design strategies in a route map format, which will allow the adoption of the State Port Control Measures to prevent illegal undeclared unregulated fishing.

After hearing the FAO Representative, the Minister for Fishing opened the seminar, reminding the participants of the need to work on this agreement with rigour, because all the work carried out would be put before the Government and then before the Parliament and Senate, in order to make it effective.

Parliamentarians, deputies and senators are also taking part in the seminar.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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