Government backs loans for hotels to mark 50th Anniversary of Independence

The Minister for Culture, Tourism and Craft Promotion, Rufino Ndong Esono Nchama, held a meeting on Wednesday 5th September, with those in charge of hotels in Malabo, to report on the aid offered by the Government, aimed at carrying out refurbishments in their installations, with a view to the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Coup. The meeting took place in the presence of BANGE representatives.

At the meeting, which took place at the meeting room of the ministerial department, and was attended by authorities from the ministry, such as the Vice-minister and the Secretary of State, Prudencio Botey Sobole and Catalina Martinez Asumu, the minister Ndong Esono met the owners of hotels in Malabo to express the willingness of the Government, with respect to the celebrations marking the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Coup.

At the meeting, which took place in the presence of representatives from the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea (BANGE), they looked at various aspects regarding access to the credit in question. According to bank representatives, the hotels must present three essential documents in order that the concession and access to the economic aid is analysed.

The Minister for Culture indicated that the funds must be used for the purposes agreed by the Government and the owners of the hotels, such as refurbishment and refitting of their respective establishments prior to the celebration of the 50th anniversary, on 12th October 2018.

Other matters looked at concerned the return of the funds, which according to BANGE must be done in accordance with a payment programme, in relation to the activities taking place at the hotel and the services provided.

According to Ndong Esono, “this loan once again shows the willingness of the Government led by the Head of State, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, to improve hotel services in the country. On this occasion the hotels in the capital have benefited, because the events celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Independence in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea will take place in Malabo, which will accommodate various dignitaries from around the world”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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