Government defines events which occurred in country as act of international terrorism

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Agapito Mba Mokuy, at a meeting held on the morning of Wednesday 10th January with around 60 diplomats, among them ambassadors and representatives from international organisations, reported that, based on the information currently in the Government of Equatorial Guinea’s possession following the investigation into the events which occurred in the country, For the moment we are not describing the events as a State coup, but an act of international terrorism, with complicity from French territory, according to the nationality of those detained”. Mba Mokuy stressed that this did not imply that France or the French Government had anything to do with it, according to elements obtained during the investigation.

The minister began the meeting by wishing those present a happy 2018, I have not had the chance to do this because I have been out of the country and this is our first meeting; we desire all the best in order to be able to continue working closely as we have been doing. Equatorial Guinea is open to you all and to all other countries that can join with us; we want to be an active player in the international community, contributing to global peace and security. Happy New Year to you, your families, your teams and your respective countries”.

At the meeting, Mba Mokuy also stated that, At this meeting it is important to clarify the current situation in the country, and based on the information, we believed we were dealing with a State coup against the security of the State. Now, with more information, it is difficult to speak of a State coup. We are not dealing with a State coup for the moment, because the information we have is that there are mercenaries and terrorists from various nationalities who are being coordinated and financed by citizens who are not necessarily from Equatorial Guinea. In the language of the international community we would call this international terrorism; I wish to clarify this point, because for the moment the elements we have do not lead us to the conclusion that it was a State coup; but international terrorism, which involved specific citizens of various nationalities in a criminal act organised against the Republic of Equatorial Guinea from abroad.

Evidently there is complicity from a few Equatoguineans and, when these few Equatoguineans have been investigated, they have not been found to be important enough to speak of a State coup. Probably these few who could have been involved were part of this international terrorism. As such, we wish to clarify that what is currently happening in Equatorial Guinea is an act of international terrorism. We are calling on the support, as we have had to date, of the entire international community, in order to help Equatorial Guinea to continue with this fight against organised international terrorism”.

In addition, the Minister for foreign said that, “Equatorial Guinea is dealing with this matter, as with all matters, with complete transparency, so that all friendly countries are informed of what is happening in our country. The Republic of Equatorial Guinea security services, in close collaboration with the security services from brother countries, particularly Cameroon, were able to prevent a terrorist attack that aimed at destabilising the peace that we experience in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, in order to present in a bad light the figure that legally represents the State. But thanks to God and the efficiency of the security services, the situation was able to be calmed, and brought under control. To date the situation is under control. The aim of this meeting is only to comply with our duty of reporting to friendly countries. In this reporting process I would say that, since the night of 26th December to today, the security services have been able to detain in the border-forests between the Republic of Cameroon and the Republic of Equatorial Guinea forty-seven terrorists who had the intention of destabilising the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

The investigations continued and, at a national level, we have now been able to detain or capture around 27 of these terrorists. We have a figure of around 150 terrorists in total, leading us to believe that we have not captured them all, but the majority of the group is in the forests, on the borders with neighbouring countries. Equatorial Guinea is cooperating closely with neighbouring countries, particularly Cameroon, to help us to detain many of them and everyone who may be involved in this matter. The security services are continuing their investigation; it is possible that the data we have may change, depending on what may be discovered during the investigation. Among this group of terrorist mercenaries there are citizens from the brother countries of Chad, Sudan, Central African Republic, possibly some from Cameroon, with the complicity of some Equatoguineans. The governments of these countries are sending messages of support and condemnation for this type of act, and they are supporting the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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