Government to strengthen economic aid to private written press

This information has emerged from the meeting held on Monday 19th of this month, between the Minister for Information, Press and Radio, Eugenio Nze Obiang, and representatives of the national private written press. The meeting took place at the ministerial headquarters in Malabo II.

With the aim of informing those present about this initiative provided by the Equatoguinean Government for the national private written press, and the acquisition of the funds and coordination of the work of the media, the Minister for Information met representatives of these publications.

At the meeting they looked at the possibility of the national press reducing the printing costs of state and private publications, with the possibility of also reducing their cover prices. The printers confirmed that the prices established for printing publications stem from those imposed by customs when importing several products.

The Minister indicated that the Government, through its own initiative, had decided to subsidy to written press, above all the private element, so that it can produce publications periodically, In this economic period, the Government has added to the general budget an economic allocation for the national private written press, which is why we are meeting you to coordinate the release of the funds”.

The Minister for Information also said that “the Government has taken this initiative after seeing the decline of the printed media due to a lack of economic funds, and our desire is that you continue to publish periodically your issues in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea”.

The publications Ekos del Golfo, La Voz del Pueblo, La Gaceta de Guinea Ecuatorial, EL Imparcial, and the printers Metropoli, Diagraficas, Carioca and Aymar, welcomed the Government initiative, indicating that they had for a while been awaiting this news.

In order to implement the new project, Nze Obiang has designated a commission made up of the Secretary of State, Charged with Press and Radio, Jose Mba Obama, the Director General for Press and Printing, Juan Santos Engonga Mba, and the Adviser in Matters of the Written Press, Carmela Oyono Ayingono, who will meet the organisations to look at the economic and technical problems affecting them.

The meeting was also attended by the Vice-Minister for Information, Virgilio Seriche Riloha.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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