Great game as Nzalang gets less than they deserved

Sometimes football is ungrateful, and the best team does not get the reward it deserves. This happened to our Nzalang on Saturday against Senegal in Dakar. Becker’s team lost by three goals to nil; a result which is entirely deceptive and in no way reflects the merits of our players, who received the applause and admiration of the around 35,000 fans who went to the stadium.

It is true that football is sometimes fickle, and punishes you for your mistakes. It is also the case that our side, on Saturday, suffered cruelly. Along these lines, conceding a goal after just 50 seconds of the match drags you down for the rest, but our players, well coached from the bench by Becker, and with the courage and quality on the field of Nsue, Balboa, Ganet, Pepin and the rest, such as Rui, at the heart of the back line, overcame this initial hammer blow, and took the ball away from the Senegal side, with good combinations and speed, but without a final shot.

The first setback continued with the third goal, the fruits of dejection, with the time already up in the 91st minute. Except for these two thorns, at the beginning and at the end, our players were better, and dominated, to the surprise of all those who do not know how they train and how both those that play and those that do not are committed, with Becker at the head. Congratulations on the pride, Nzalang!!!

It should be recalled that Senegal has a side full of players from the best European leagues (English, German, French, etc.) and when there is an error, however small, they punish you cruelly. That is what happened on Saturday. No other analysis is possible. And we should feel very proud of the work done, which was only tarnished by a goal at the start, and another in added time. In the main, nothing at all from Senegal, who were afraid and were stunned by what the young Equatorial Guinea side were doing.

Becker’s players took the ball from them, and played with heart and determination. They played their hearts out on an irregular pitch, and gave everything for the shirt and the badge. A great deal of pride in representing the whole of Equatorial Guinea, and honouring the the over 400 Equatoguinean supporters who did not for even a moment stop cheering on our footballers, and who gave the other 35,000 Senegalese fans a run for their money. Recognition for the work of our footballers from the stands also reaped its rewards when, as the team bus left, the Equatoguinean fans formed a tunnel and applauded our expedition.

Equatorial Guinea, through Andres Jorge Mbomio’s presidency of FEGUIFUT, the technical coaching of Estaban Becker, and some tremendously committed players, won the respect of continental and world football. The commentators, from the Leopold Sendor Stadium, or those coming from the whole of Africa, Europe or America, praised the good football, spectacular tactical work, and also the cruelty of the scoreboard. Even the Senegal trainer at the press conference recognised Becker for the excellent work of Nzalang, and the generous scoreline that in no way reflected what had happened on the field.

We all recall the missed chances for Pepin, Nsue or Balboa, but that is football, and we must accept it. Because our team had more of the ball, and had more shots on goal than Senegal. it was strange. The difference was that the Senegal side scored from three of the four chances they had, while we did not. Nothing more and nothing less. It was that hard and cruel.

Equatorial Guinea is growing, and we must fully support our President and Coaching Team, because they have made history, and with patience the results will come. We are on the right road, the one which shows the quality, work and love for the shirt, that of Nzalang.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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