Group of wives of African Ambassadors in People’s Republic of China organise charity bazaar

On Saturday 31st March, the Wives of African Ambassadors in China (GAAS, in its initials in English), in collaboration with the All Women’s Development Foundation, organised a charity bazaar with the intention of supporting the socio-cultural development of women in China and Africa.

The event, which was sponsored by the Intercultural Exchange and Public Diplomacy Centre (CICDP), began with speeches by the president of GAAS, the Director of the Chinese Foundation, the Ambassador from Madagascar, as representative of the African Ambassadors in China, and the President of the CICDP, and was attended by various accredited ambassadors to China, including German Ekua Sima Abaga, Republic of Equatorial Guinea Ambassador.

The president of GAAS and wife of the Ivory Coast Ambassador, Josephine Dosso, referred to the event as ideal for seeking solutions to the many problems faced by African women, and said that the event would take place annually.

More than fifteen African countries exhibited their various products, and the Equatorial Guinea stand presented Lenca crafts, national products, traditional costumes, gastronomy and magazines from the country, presented by Elisabeth Micha, wife of the Equatoguinean Ambassador.

The representative of African Ambassadors, Victor Sikonina, underlined the fact that the ultimate aim of diplomacy is to maintain, defend and achieve lasting peace throughout the world, which requires the application of good will and concerted action from decision-making bodies at all levels.

The African Mission in China is committed to continue supporting, encouraging and participating strongly in projects by the Wives of African Ambassadors Group, to promote humanitarian and cultural exchange, he also added.

Due to its outstanding contribution to developing the friendship between China and Africa, the Intercultural Exchange and Public Diplomacy Centre granted the Wives of African Ambassadors Group the People’s Friendship Prize.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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