Gustavo Ndong Edu, elected as new FEGUIFUT President

The Equatorial Guinea Football Federation (FEGUIFUT) has a new president, in the person of Gustavo Ndong Edu, who stood in the elections against two other candidates: Domingo Mituy Edjang and Teodomiro Nse Mangue; winning after the final count with 26 votes in favour, against 12 for Teodomiro Nse and 2 for Domingo Mituy.

The electoral race for the FEGUIFUT presidency was marked by the withdrawal of Andres Jorge Mbomio, during a press conference held on Friday 20th April; and that of Bienvenido Ateba Mangue, who withdrew his candidacy just before the start of the voting, asking his followers to vote in favour of the candidacy of Teodomiro Nse Mangue, an option which he defined as “a continuation” of the previous executive.

Following a delay in the start of the process, a detailed report by the outgoing executive led by Andres Jorge Mbomio was presented by the Deputy General Secretary, Ivan Lorenzo Williams, followed by speeches by the candidates to explain their respective plans.

The speeches by the Ateba-Teodomiro coalition focussed on the condemnation of actions carried out by Gustavo Ndong Edu during his legislature. Furthermore, they showed the huge achievements obtained at an administration management and financial level, the competitions with Nzalang men, quarter finalist at CAN 2015, and the projects signed by FIFA and the work carried out on infrastructure.

The candidate Domingo Mituy, in his speech, mentioned the successes obtained during his short term as President of the Federation in 2014, when huge achievements were obtained with the women’s football team, while at the same time he promised to obtain sponsors for teams if he was elected, and relaunch the TNO Cup, which disappeared after he left the federation.

Gustavo Ndong Edu presented a project based on three main points: a) the optimisation of the operation of the administrative structure; b) the organisation of spots competitions at all levels and c) transparency throughout the federation.

In order to closely follow the elections and verify the transparency of the process, FIFA sent Jorge Mowinckel, Executive Member of the Governance Division within the General Secretariat.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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