H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, “Africa deserves a chance to develop”

Thus declared the President of the Republic, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, during his speech at the opening ceremony of the 54th AfDB Annual Assembly He also confirmed that AfDB could be the engine for that development.

The Head of State welcomed the presence of the delegations as an act of solidarity in the enclave of Sipopo, baptised at the City of African Union. H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo recalled that decades ago Sipopo was a cocoa plantation, while the city of Malabo was smaller in size, but now gives a different impression.

With this example, the Head of State recalled the situation of our country during the colonial period; above all the situation of the city of Malabo, known as Santa Isabel, which was used for the production of cocoa and sugar cane, undermining the aspirations of the citizens and in violation of their human rights, through the abuse by the colonisers of the natives.

In addition, he pointed out that no one had imagined that the colonial order would end, as the colonial system was designed to last forever; and it was thanks to those of good faith on the African continent that the colonial dictatorship was defeated.

However, this order cannot disappear, and returns in other forms. There are still people and institutions that share the colonial situation. Colonisation left us with a disastrous situation and the first years of independence confirmed our fears. Through the exploitation of oil we have called national economic conferences. The first had the aim of discussing the income from oil and how to manage the assets that the country has today”, he added.

The Head of State stated that the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has always been criticised for its use of income from oil, Even when we built this city of Sipopo we were criticised, and we did it for the dignity of the people and for our continent; for that reason we call this part of Malabo the City of AU. I am not against scrutiny from afar; they have accused us of everything, but all we have done is bring about peace for our country and the world. Equatorial Guinea has been radically transformed, from one of the poorest countries to having the highest income per capita on the continent. My concern is that people live in decent conditions.

For that reason we have adopted axes for progress in our country; we have built ports, airports and other infrastructures, and the creation of new cities, and we have transformed more than fifty enclaves into urban districts; the training of personnel and the modernisation of the armed forces; reforms to our judicial regulations and support for the African Solidarity Trust Fund. We have also financed the vaccination to eradicate malaria and an improvement in the living conditions of our population, and we have shown solidarity with causes on our continent and other continents; some call this misuse and corruption, but I call it development. Equatorial Guinea welcomes the understanding of friendly countries and international organisations that want Africa to live in peace; the development of our country can be seen throughout national territory, and not only in Malabo, we are committed to integration”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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