Head of Business in Ethiopia receives Sri Lankan Ambassador

On Wednesday 3rd May, the Head of Business at the Republic of Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Ethiopia, Moises Mba Nchama, met, at the headquarters of our country in Addis Abeba, the accredited Sri Lankan Ambassador before the Ethiopian Government and African Union, Summith Dassana Yake.

During the audience, the two diplomats spoke about matters of bilateral interest. The ambassador delivered a message requesting support of the Sri Lankan Government for the Equatoguinean Government, for their candidacy as member of one of the subsidiary bodies of UNESCO, with elections to be held in June this year, in Paris.

Mba Nchama, in addition to declaring that the document would be passed on to the Malabo Government, also highlighted the need to strengthen the relations of friendship and cooperation uniting the two governments, within the framework of multilateral cooperation, and reported on the posture of the Executive in relation to the UNESCO Equatorial Guinea Prize for Research in Life Sciences.

The period for the prizes has now come to an end, but the Government intends to continue with them, as it can find no reason not to, given the existence of complicated diseases, for which scientists continue in their task to find mechanisms to fight for a cure.

According to the Equatoguinean diplomat, in relation to the continuation of the prize, Equatorial Guinea can count on the support of Sri Lanka.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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