Head of State attends chapel of rest for Defence Minister

On Wednesday 7th June the Government organised a posthumous tribute to the Minister for National Defence, Vicente Eya Olomo. Family, friends and acquaintances were in attendance to say a final goodbye to the Government member, who passed away through illness in the Kingdom of Spain on 29th May.

The sorrowful ceremony took place at the Guinean Cultural Centre in Malabo, where figures from various political and administrative institutions, and friends of the deceased filed by on both sides of the coffin to lay wreaths with expressions of love.

In this act to recognise the work of Vicente Eya Olomo, both in the political and military fields, the heads of some institutions in the country expressed their condolences to the grieving family; the president of the Mongomo PDGE Monitoring Commission, Alejandro Envoro Ovono; the General Secretary from the same grouping, Jeronimo Osa Osa Ecoro, and the Vice-president of the Republic, Charged with Defence and State Security, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, for whom Eya Olomo was a great patriot, a tireless and exemplary collaborator.

In his condolences, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo said that Vicente Eya Olomo had had an intense life, had been a good professional with exceptional qualities, an honest person with a humanitarian spirit, which earned him the trust and esteem of many friends and countrymen. And he was, above all, a disciplined commander who imposed military professionalism and love for the homeland and for the Nation on his subordinates; served the country with honour and dignity, and his exceptional qualities served to forge an exemplary professional career, full of promotions and recognition of merit, as he held various military and administrative positions, rising to the level of Vice-admiral of the Navy and Minister for National Defence, continued the Head of State.

For the Equatoguinean leader, the loss has been hard to take for Equatoguinean society in general, and for the Government and military family, in particular.

H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo also had words of encouragement for the grieving family, to whom he said that death is an inevitable reality of life that we must assume with resignation, and mentioned the exemplary life of whom he called colleague and brother.

Finally he declared, in the name of the Government, solidarity with the family in these painful times.

With the conclusion of the official act, the funeral cortAge went to Malabo Cathedral, where a mass was said over the body, by the General Vicar of the Arch-diocese of Malabo, Inocencio Moiche Solebapa.

At the end of the requiem mass, members of the National Military Force paid tribute through final military honours in the square of Malabo Cathedral.

Born on 18th August 1956, Vicente Eya Olomo was the first of ten brothers. He studied, in addition to Equatorial Guinea, in Spain, Russia and the United States. He rose through the ranks in the army and in politics; was Deputy Minister, Vice-minister and Minister for National Defence.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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