Head of State opens VII Diplomatic Conference

On the morning of Monday 1st October, the Head of State, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, opened the VII Diplomatic Conference at the headquarters of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, under the slogan “50 years of diplomacy placing Equatorial Guinea in the international spotlight”.

The event will allow an examination and evaluation of our country’s foreign policy during the 50 years of independence, and a discussion on the priorities that must direct any actions taken by Equatoguinean diplomacy in the future.

The event opened with words from H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, followed by a speech by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Simeon Oyono Esono Angue, who recognised the high level at which Equatoguinean foreign policy had been placed, both within an international context and on the level of the African continent.

The occasion will allow us to evaluate and examine the general outline of our country’s foreign policy process to ensure it is moving within the correct context. Equatoguinean diplomacy in the past was limited, and at this time it is in a precess of expansion, with around 47 missions abroad. Currently we are members of various international bodies”, said Oyono Esono.

The President of the Republic, in his speech, stressed that the occasion would allow an examination and adjustment of foreign policy in Equatorial Guinea, regarding the priorities that must be set by Equatoguinean diplomatic action.

In accordance with the good cooperation we have with the entire world and international bodies, this has been the positive result of our evolution. It must be remembered that diplomacy is not static, but dynamic, and our country must be represented in all the bodies we have joined, because there are always fresh challenges emerging within international diplomacy, and it is necessary to maintain the basis of our diplomatic foundations such as respect for the sovereignty of States, non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, the need to prioritise dialogue in order to resolve conflict, and equal treatment of other countries. Our diplomats must understand the interests of our country in their areas of accreditation, and be clear when it is necessary to defend the interests of our country within the setting of international relations and the image of Equatorial Guinea”, stated the Head of State.

Over the four days of the conference, those present will speak about the action plan and the importance of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the management of budgets, the administration of economic and financial resources, materials and humans assigned to the diplomatic missions abroad, and diplomatic administration overseas.

The aim is thus to renew and provide knowledge for all those holding posts and working within the special corps of the diplomatic and consular services, taking into account its evolution to the 46 at present, which has allowed the Government the financing to build and purchase various properties that the State can use abroad.

The Head of State went on to speak about matters of current concern,

Equatorial Guinea is a peace-loving country. The situation forces us to fight acts that threaten peace, such as the trafficking of arms, terrorism, mercenaries, delinquency, organised crime, and interference against the United Nations Charter. Our diplomats must evaluate and understand the policies that may provide solutions to climate change”, stated H. E. Obiang Nguema, and he appealed for reform to the United Nations Security Council, so that Africa may have two seats on the council with voting rights, in order to balance the decisions affecting the African continent.

Our country’s vision on an African Union level is to involve African countries in trade exchange, to embrace multilateralism in order to promote its interests, so that cooperation is beneficial, in order to achieve equal treatment. The diplomatic missions should not be a cost for the State, but a source of income for the country.

Destiny is not an opportunity to take advantage of resources through corruption, but you must be the captors of profitable investment for the diversification of the sources of production. Maintaining peace is not limited to the actions of the security forces, but is also the task of diplomats. In the latest attempt in December 2017 by mercenaries from Chad and Central African Republic, the lack of information and collaboration between the accredited diplomats in those countries was noted”, concluded the President of the Republic.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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