Health Ministry Executive holds meeting

On 4th February, the Minister for Health and Social Welfare, Salomon Nguema Owono, oversaw the first executive meeting of the year. During the meeting they covered two points regarding the presentation of the document on the analysis of the situation of the National System for health Information and the presentation of the National Policy on Children’s Health.

The sessions took place in the meeting room at the ministry, and were attended by the Secretary of State and Vice-Minister from the same department, the executive, and other authorities.

The two documents presented were approved by the meeting. The presentation of the two were given by Jose Osa and Juan Eyene.

After hearing declarations from the two, the members of the executive pointed out various concerns, suggestions and clarifications.

The meeting concluded with any other business, in which they analysed income and costs of Malabo hospitals, among other matters.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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