Health & Nutrition Technical Brief: Channels of Hope (CoH) for Health and Nutrition

In Our Promise, Channels of Hope (CoH) is an enabling core project model, meaning that when implemented alongside other interventions, it can help achieve diverse outcomes across several child well-being objectives.
CoH addresses deeply entrenched, long-lasting beliefs, convictions and culture that may contribute to harmful attitudes, norms, values and practices that hinder child and community development outcomes. Though laws may be in place to bar such harmful practices, laws do not change attitudes or socio-religious beliefs. However, faith leaders have considerable influence over culture and the behaviours encouraged or prohibited in their communities. Unfortunately, however, due to a lack of relevant skills and information, faith leaders and faith communities in many cases can create barriers to or fail to promote child well-being.
Currently, five separate CoH curricula/programs have been developed; focusing on harmful norms and beliefs related to:
• Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH)
• Ebola
• Gender
• Child protection

Source: World Vision

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