Horn of Africa – Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #5, Fiscal Year (FY) 2023

23 MILLION Population in Need of Food Assistance Due to Drought in the Horn of Africa UN – November 2022

24.1 MILLION Number of People Affected by Drought in Ethiopia UN – November 2022

4.4 MILLION People Living With Daily Household Water Insecurity in Kenya UN – November 2022

7.8 MILLION Number of People Affected by Drought in Somalia UN – November 2022

1.3 MILLION Number of People Displaced Due to Drought in Somalia Since January 2021 UN – September 2022

The 2023 Somalia HRP, released in January, seeks an estimated $2.6 billion to reach 7.6 million of the nearly 8.3 million people in need in the country, as ongoing drought conditions continue to intensify and exacerbate humanitarian needs.

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield traveled to the region and announced approximately $41 million in new USAID/BHA funding to provide lifesaving assistance in Somalia.

Drought conditions have diminished pastoral livelihood opportunities in Kenya’s ASALs and heightened humanitarian need in Kenya and in eastern and southern Ethiopia in recent months.

Source: US Agency for International Development

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