Huawei Releases High-Accuracy Wireless Location Solutions to Simplify Business Digitalization

SHANGHAI, Oct. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — At HUAWEI CONNECT 2018, Huawei released the high-accuracy wireless location solutions. Of these, the meter-level accuracy solution for commercial scenarios helps enterprises provide real-time optimal business experience based on customer requirements and improve customer experience in supermarkets, airports, and other scenarios. The centimeter-level accuracy wireless location solution for industrial campuses allows enterprises in manufacturing, logistics, and other fields to keep track of the real-time location of staff, vehicles and assets, helping enterprises improve their productivity through location-based visualized analysis and appropriate optimization.

In the digital era, a growing number of enterprises are deploying Wi-Fi networks to enhance users’ consumption experience. In addition, with the development of wireless location technologies, enterprises expect to have a deep understanding of users’ consumption behavior in stores with users’ consent through anonymous location data, and even manage production tools and valuable assets. Ordinary Wi-Fi location solutions have an accuracy level of 5 m to 8 m, delivering poor results for industrial applications. The conventional positioning accuracy can reach 1 m through the deployment of Bluetooth location beacons, but deploying and managing these extra beacons is complicated. The best solution for enterprises is to use one WLAN solution to provide both wireless network coverage and location services with different accuracy levels.

In the Huawei meter-level accuracy Wi-Fi location solution for commercial scenarios, the AP4050DN-AOA Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) uses wireless signal Angle of Arrival (AOA) technology and works with the Huawei-developed Polit algorithm and an independent location radio frequency to achieve a positioning accuracy of 1 m and simplify network deployment and maintenance. The AP4050DN-AOA constructs a network to implement Wi-Fi coverage and meet application service requirements such as heat map and customer flow analysis. In addition, it supports big data analytics of customers’ behavior of selecting commodities based on their locations to formulate effective marketing strategies.

In the centimeter-level accuracy wireless location solution for industrial campuses, the AP4050DN-E AP integrates Ultra-WideBand (UWB) positioning technology for highly refined tracking. The positioning accuracy of 10 cm can support services including personnel management, material monitoring and scheduling, and security warnings. The device allows visualized production and effectively improves productivity by 30%. In addition, the technology can be used to set virtual fences around hazardous areas to reduce safety risks. The integrated deployment of Wi-Fi and UWB positioning networks in a production area can be implemented by one network, reducing the number of network nodes and lowering the total cost of ownership by 50%.

“The Huawei scenario-based location solutions meet the requirements of wireless access in both commercial and industrial scenarios, and provide accurate location information services without increasing deployment difficulty,” said Zhao Zhipeng, General Manager of Huawei’s Campus Network Domain. “Moreover, together with global partners, Huawei provides end-to-end business application solutions to help enterprises achieve digital transformation and business success.”

Huawei’s WLAN solutions have been widely deployed in industries such as enterprise office, education, business, healthcare, production, and many others, totaling over 5 million APs deployed in more than 100 countries. For more information, please visit:

To be available:
The AP4050DN-E with UWB will be available at late 2018.
The AP4050DN-AOA will be available at early 2019.

Huawei is willing to work with enterprise customers in a comprehensive, long-term, and future-oriented way to drive enterprise digital transformation and upgrade by utilizing the power of the platform. Currently, 211 Fortune Global 500 companies and 48 Fortune Global 100 companies have chosen Huawei as their digital transformation partner.

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