Humanity First International Situation – Report No. 005: Covid-19 Response

Situation Overview
3487 Volunteers
650,492 Beneficiaries
185,140 Prevention Materials
Food Security 7.9 million meals provided
Operating in 71 Countries across 6 Continents
As the COVID-19 pandemic hits all parts of the world and takes a toll on Global Public Health, Humanity First International (HFI), as a UN ECOSOC Consultative Partner, is playing its’ part in ensuring the required support is provided to low-middle income-based countries, who in large parts have underdeveloped infrastructure to deal with such pandemics. HFI have started a series of initiatives and engagements with UN WHO and other agencies to ensure mobilisation, preparedness, awareness and implementation of sustainable solutions that will support in such a crisis. Empowering and engendering locals to take action to contain and prevent the spread of the virus is critical whilst operating educational and healthcare facilities in the best possible manner. Work has been undertaken to prepare communities in Africa, Asia, Central America and the Middle East to combat COVID19 especially for vulnerable groups such as children, elderly, homeless, refugees, women and minorities. Details of our response are available at HFI is also participating in national cluster and task force meetings where appropriate.

Source: Humanity First International

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