III CICTE Scientific and Technical Training and Research Module comes to a close

The III module dedicated to the research secretariat for personnel from the Equatorial Guinea Scientific and Technological Investigation Council (CICTE), had a total of 28 participants, and was led by the Director General for Scientific Coordination, doctor Manuela Roka Botey.

According to the technical report on the course, which covered various administrative tasks organised in three modules, they learnt to carry out, among other tasks, the requests and granting of licences and permits for passports, covered in module I.

Module II dealt with integrated training, and contained topics such as the importance of human, public and labour relations.

Module III, dedicated to training in research and science, it began with an introduction to research, where it should be pointed out that during the 30 hours of the seminar, a total of 23 attendees attained certificates from the course supervisor and Director General for Scientific Coordination, Manuela Roka Botey.

After the presentation of the certificates, the vice-president of the CICTE, Antonio Maria Sabadell Bizantino, representing the head of the department, professor Anacleto Olo Mibuy, once again pointed out the importance of the training of personnel at the institution:

Under Article 3 of the CICTE Constitution, which has a basic mission of training highly qualified personnel, we have made possible one of the aims of professor Olo Mibuy, which is the training of the human resources within our institution. For that reason, the CICTE expects to carry out a wide range of specific training in research, science and technology”.

According to the Director General for Scientific Coordination, “The CICTE is a dynamic institution, and is permanently willing to improve the services provided by those within. For that reason, this course has taken place, and its technical report contains all the modules given”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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