III Ordinary Session of the V legislature of the Pan-African Parliament

city of Midrand, and will run from 7th to 19th of October. A delegation of parliamentarians from the two chambers from the Republic of Equatorial Guinea will take part. The opening ceremony took place according to the agenda of the Legislative Body of the African Union (AU).

During the session, they spoke about the launch and implementation of the African continent free trade zone, with particular attention to progress made on the question of refugees, returnees and the internally displaced towards lasting solutions regarding forced displacement in Africa, among other matters.

The situation regarding internal refugees in each African country is being analysed, in order to be able to accommodate them on our continent”, said Purificacion Buari Lasaquero, Equatoguinean Senator, who also highlighted the issue of parity in the AU.

Regarding women, we are considering parity in Africa, demanding that each country, represented by five members, must have at least two women”, a criteria which, according to the Senator, is met by our country’s delegation at these sessions, as it is made up of two women and three men, reflecting the good will of the Government of Equatorial Guinea with respect to parity in the African Union.

Furthermore, the Equatoguinean Senator Saturnino Oke Esono stated that the matter is of vital importance for our people, as it was proposed by African Heads of State; as a consequence, naming the President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, as “Champion of Africa”.

Our President being the “Champion” of the AU theme for this year, the Equatoguinean delegation arrives with great pride and enthusiasm for this nomination of our Head of State as “Champion of Africa”, being the leader charged with finding a lasting solution for the continent regarding the issue of refugees and the internally displaced. To do that, we must work while taking that into account, explaining what we are doing in Equatorial Guinea on the matter”, affirmed the Senator, Oke Esono.

The diplomatic community in South Africa was also present at the official opening ceremony for the work of the third ordinary session, with Balbina Nchama Nvo, adviser charged with business at the Equatorial Guinea diplomatic mission in South Africa, representing our Ambassador in the city of jacaranda (Pretoria).

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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