III Working Day for Permanent Commission on Infrastructures

On Monday 1st October, the members of the Permanent Commission on Infrastructure, Communications, Transport and New Technology continued the work of study and analysis of the Draft General Law on Road Transport, moderated by the senator Demetrio Elo Ndong Nsefumu, and assisted by the first and second vice-presidents, Paulino Mbo Obama Mesie and Atanasio Ela Ntugu Nsa.

With the aim of obtaining an integrated improved text, the members of the committee have once again met in Sipopo, the provisional headquarters of the Senate, to adapt the document of the Draft General Law on Road Transport.

Along those lines, the commission is attempting to analyse in detail the report from the ad-hoc commission charged with the preliminary study on the Draft Law and the act submitted by the Chamber of Deputies to the Senate, in order to obtain a legal tool which unites the conditions required for approval.

The analysis of the Draft General Law on Road Transport covered the contents of chapter V reformulated, on the creation, affiliation, regime and operation of the body of road transport inspectors, together with the classification of services and activities of this body included in chapter 1 of the third title within this legal instrument.

The third day of the Permanent Commission on Infrastructures concluded with a review of the article that mentions public, private and special transport.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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