Inauguration of Malabo Food Bank

The Minister for Social Affairs and Gender Equality, Consuelo Nguema Oyana, inaugurated the Food Bank on 26 August located opposite Radio Asonga Radio, which was an initiative by the NGO Resurgir, with the objective to offer food to the elderly who live alone and lack resources.

Several dignitaries from the governement, institutions, NGOs, elderly people and guests attended the ceremony. The act commenced with a speech by the representative of Resurgir GE who highlighted the aims of this project and all it entails, including the professional and personal voluntary support in favour of people who are suffering.

The representative also highlighted that this project came to Equatorial Guinea in 2014, and that the Food Bank is open now as a result of the minister’s support.

For her part, Nguema Oyana said this project would provide solutions to many elderly people’s needs.

After listening to the different speeches, the priest’s blessing came next followed by the cutting of the inaugural ribbon, and food was handed out to the elderly attendees.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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