Inauguration of Urban District of Bariobé

On Saturday, in the District of Baney, the new Urban District of Bariobé was inaugurated. The inauguration ceremony was overseen by the Prime Minister of the Government, Charged with Administrative Coordination, Francisco Pascual Obama Asue, in the name of and representing the Head of State and Government, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, and was attended by members of the Government, provincial, district and local authorities, together with locals and PDGE activists and sympathisers from all over the province.
The inauguration of this new urban district, which includes a town hall, a police station, 20 social housing units, a health centre, an assembly hall, a market, a school, a Government office and a recently renovated church, was marked by an atmosphere of exceptional jubilation.
At the opening ceremony held at midday , following the order of protocol, the Mayor of the new Urban District of Bariobé, Armando Smith Bokosa, spoke first, followed by a local elder, Francisco Siribola Bohema. Afterwards, the Minister for Public Works, Housing and Urban Planning, Clemente Ferreiro Villarino, read out the technical report on the execution of the work of this Urban District. Then, to close the round of speeches, the Prime Minister of the Government, on behalf of the Head of State and Government, addressed the audience, beginning his speech with a brief summary of the history of the reconstruction of Equatorial Guinea carried out by the President of the Republic, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, since 3rd August 1979.
The Head of Administrative Coordination stressed the importance of peace as a pillar on which the country’s development has been based, in addition to appealing to “shared responsibility”, the part of responsibility that corresponds to the people in any work undertaken by the Government, helping with maintenance, which includes the corresponding payment for the electricity consumed.
At another point in his speech, he emphasised the need for the buildings constructed in this new Urban District to be occupied as soon as possible, in order to avoid possible looting and damage caused by damp.
The priest’s blessing by Father Pergentino Borupu Ekoki, followed by the cutting of the inaugural ribbon, marked the end of the inauguration ceremony.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government

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