Information and Coordination Meeting in the Ministry of Labour

The Minister for Work, Employment Promotion and Social Security, Bonifacio Bakale Obiang, met with the heads of personnel and representatives of the companies to coordinate what will be the activities as regards the 50th-anniversary celebration of independence for the Republic of Equatorial Guinea on 12th October.

The meeting took place in the meeting room of this ministry and was attended by its main collaborators who first and foremost highlighted the importance of this day, and therefore proceeded to give the following instructions to participate in the parade.

Such parade will include 10 companies from each sector with a maximum total of 50 Equatorial Guinean employees, and in good physical condition to take part in the whole event, which will exclude elderly people and pregnant women in this way.

Bakale Ndong concluded by informing each company to wear their uniform, and that a large turn out is encouraged to be at the parade on time.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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