Information meeting at Regional Delegation for Justice

On 8th August, the Regional Delegate from the Ministry for Justice, Worship and Penitentiary Institutions, Miguel Nguema Eyene, met all the ministers and representatives of the evangelical and pentecostal churches, together with Christian associations in Bata.

The Regional Delegate aimed to provide information regarding the Presidential Decree calling for the creation of the Electoral Roll for the entire nation.

Along these lines, the person responsible for the churches in Bata asked ministers from the various religious denominations in Bata to raise awareness among their faithful in order that they register on the national electoral roll, and pass on this message in the celebration of their religious services.

Nguema Eyene also informed God’s servants in Bata that soon there would be a data-collecting and updating census, which would cover the situation regarding documentation of each of the churches operating in the capital of Litoral.

Following clarifications, the meeting for information and dialogue for all the ministers from the various religious denominations in Bata, which took place in the meeting room at the department, came to an end.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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