Information spread by CORED denied

On 9th March, the coalition CORED published on its official web page and on social media an eviction at our country’s Embassy in France, on Avenida Foch, in Paris. According to confirmed sources, this information is false, and it was due to some refurbishment work being carried out at an apartment at No. 40 in the same street.

In the communiqué published by CORED at the start of the week, they showed pictures of a crane and French police vans supposedly carrying out an eviction at the Equatorial Guinea Embassy.

The communiqué also stated that there was a strong police presence in the surrounding area; information that has turned out to be totally false.

The vans and the crane belonged to the company BSB Concept, and since 9th March it has been carrying out interior refurbishment work at the aforementioned apartment No- 40, some 15 m from the embassy.

At No. 42 in the same avenue is the headquarters of the Equatoguinean Embassy, where on the morning of 11th March, the diplomatic personnel arrived, as they do every day, to provide the usual consular services.

During the day, TVGE passed through the various sector offices inside the diplomatic mission. All the officials were at their respective posts, and for that reason it was evident that CORED had duped the Equatoguinean people with their false news.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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