Inspection visit by Vice-Ministers to Afro-American University

The Vice-Ministers for Education and Public Works, Maria JesA�s Ncara and Enrique Ovono, visited the construction site of the Central Africa Afro-American University (AAUCA), accompanied by members of UNESCO and the rectorate.

The Vice-Ministers held a meeting in the city of Peace, with the rectorate of AAUCA and Unicon, to find out about progress with respect to the work on the university, among other matters.

Maria JesA�s Ncara pointed out that this meeting served as a framework to present to those present the new rectorate executive team and to learn about the details regarding the buildings that could be essential prior to the opening of the preparatory course, in September.

Enrique Ovono, with the head from the supervising company, presented the synthesis report on the level of work on buildings such as the rectory, the library, the students’ residence, the teachers’ residence, and the dining room, to name a few of the priority works for the preparatory course 201972020. The work is 99% completed.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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