Inspection visit to business facilities in Bata

A mixed delegation made a visit to the facilities of the old headquarters of the company Hess in Bata, on 28th March. The visit was within the framework of the project to implement the programmes designed by the CEMAC Inter-state School of Customs.

The visit took place based on the conclusions of the 62nd Session of the Council of Administration, held on 19th March in Ndjamena (Republic of Chad) , in preparation for the 32nd Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers from the Economic Union of Central Africa (UEAC), at which they decided on a provisional move for the Inter-state School of Customs, which has its main headquarters in Bangui (Central African Republic), to Bata, for having spent five years without having been able to meet, due to the persistence of the political and military crisis, creating a situation of insecurity which is affecting the brother country.

The aim was to experience in-situ the state of the complex that housed the offices of Hess, located at the Regional Delegation for Mines and Hydrocarbons, where the temporary installation of the future headquarters is expected to be set up.

The delegation was made up of Rufino Camarero Pelayo, Director General of Customs and member of the School’s Administrative Council; Pablo-Edu Asie, Regional Delegate from the department for Regional Integration; and Pelayo Ndong Owono, Director General of the CEMAC Inter-state School of Customs, accompanied by Joaquin Mba Nguema, head of discipline.

The Regional Delegate for Mines and Hydrocarbons, Jose-Luis Elema Borengue, reported to the delegation in the structure of the building.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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