Institutional visit by President of Chamber of Deputies Continuity Table Chamber to CPLP

The political and diplomatic relations between Equatorial Guinea and the CPLP have been strengthened with the institutional visit carried out by the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Gaudencio Mohaba Mesu, to the headquarters of the CPLP, where he was received by the Executive Secretary of the community, Maria do Carmo Seveira.

During the visit, the CPLP gave a positive assessment of the integration of Equatorial Guinea within the community, which has received support from the community in order to continue to collaborate in membership through cooperation in various sectors, such as policy, company economics, culture, education and health, among others.

The meeting was attended by the Accredited Equatorial Ambassador to Portugal and before the CPLP, Tito Mba Ada, among other figures.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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