Interview with Director General of the Equatorial Guinea Institutional Web Page

Filiberto Nseme Nsue Nchama, Director General of the Equatorial Guinea Institutional Web Page, in an interview with the press, reported on the importance and evolution of since its creation, as an instrument to report on political, economic and cultural events in our country.

During the interview, Filiberto Nseme Nsue spoke about the development and milestones achieved by this information body, since its creation to the present. In addition, he thanked the printed press in the country, particularly the “La Nacional” newspaper, for the interview and the interest shown in getting to know about the operation and origins of the creation of the Equatorial Guinea Institutional Web Page.

The Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, as we all know, has always suffered media attacks, smears and defamation, but without an answer on our part, as National Television, National Radio, the A�bano and Poto Poto newspapers, at those times, could not confront this situation due to their small circulation, both on a national and international level. This situation began in 2001, with a proposal from the Ministry for Planning and Economic Development, to create a virtual media outlet with international scope, the result of which was the Equatorial Guinea Institutional Web Page. The main aim was to provide a true view of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in political, economic, social and cultural matters, and not wait for others to tell our story according to their fancy. This has allowed the news outlet to gain respect and credibility within the international setting”, explained Filiberto Nseme Nsue.

The Director of the web page also highlighted the milestones achieved by the Government news outlet since its creation. The web page has established itself as the voice of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and thanks to new information and communication technology (ICT), specifically the Internet, the audience for news regarding our country on a global level has increased.

We know that today new technologies dominate the world due to their social impact. In fact, the radio, the television, and the newspapers are tending to look for a place on the Internet in order to reach a larger audience. To establish the web page and gain space within the international community has not been an easy task, there have been difficulties and changes, but we have been able to overcome these obstacles and achieve the objectives set, through effort and the teamwork of all.

In 2014 one of the main media organisations that works with the United Nations awarded us the Gold Medal, as one of the best web pages for French-speaking Africa. It is something we cherish, as it is the top award and recognition of the responsibility, seriousness and teamwork that we are applying in the spreading of news about Equatorial Guinea.

In addition, at the level of the Ministry for Information, Press and Radio, we received another award as the best digital media in the country. Awards are won for good work, and because people are satisfied with our work”, concluded the Director of the Equatorial Guinea Institutional Web Page.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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