Interview with Mayor of Bata

To mark the celebration of the traditional feast of Santiago Apostol , the mayor president of the city capital of Litoral, Bonifacio Manga Obiang, granted an interview to reporters from the official web page of the Government, in Bata, on Monday 22nd July.

During the interview, Manga Obiang spoke about the programme of activities that yesterday began with a procession and events in the city, led by a musical band, a choir, personnel from the town hall and taxis, thus announcing the start of the festivities. According to the programme, yesterday the municipal fairground was opened.

And finally he presented members of the various organising commissions for the feast, beginning with the central Commission, fairground subcommission, and then the subcommission for food and reception, subcommission for shows, for sports and culture, miss and decoration, for protocol and ceremonies, and for transport and safety.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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