Interview with Minister for Industry and Energy on A Fondo

The Minister for Industry and Energy, Eugenio Edu Ndong, has appeared as a guest on the television programme, A Fondo. During the interview they covered various issues, such as the current situation regarding the city of Djibloho Hydroelectric Power Station, the electrification of rural areas in the country, and the current state of the distribution company SEGESA.

The interview on the A Fondo programme began by looking at the current situation regarding the Djibloho Hydroelectric Power Station. After the presenter’s question, the minister Edu Ndong, who leads Industry and Energy, announced that due to “deep maintenance” not carried out in the facilities, there would be some power cuts during the current month. Regarding this, the minister read an information document:

With the purpose of carrying out the work of the deep overhaul of the Djibloho Hydroelectric Power Station, and with a view to the preparations that the Ministry for Industry and Energy are undertaking, the stoppage of the power station has been set for 20th August, and will last for approximately 33 days in accordance with the established schedule”.

Regarding the electrical supply in rural areas, the minister places special emphasis on the energy project which is underway and which will be implemented by a Chinese company.

In this project, al the rural areas on the island which require installations are going to be taken into account, running through the cities of Sipopo, Riaba and Luba, before finally reaching the capital of Malabo”, announced Edu Ndong.

The project is already underway, and the preliminary studies have been done, which we hope to execute when financing for implementation arrives” continued the minister for Industry, during his interview.

With respect to the distribution company SEGESA, certain deficiencies were found during the process for bill payment, as on numerous occasions the system had stopped working. For that reason, the minister went on to say that an audit had been carried out in order to find out the number of technical personnel in the company, and to possibly increase this number in order to reduce any faults occurring in the development of its operations.

Finally, Edu Ndong reiterated his apologies to the population for the power cuts which will take place during the month of August, as a consequence of maintenance at the Djibloho power station.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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