Interview with President of Judo Federation

The President of the Judo Federation of Equatorial Guinea, Jose Nguema Biyogo, was interviewed in order to discover more about this sport and its development, and the start of the children’s judo project in our country.

You organised the first demonstrations of judo in Malabo. Can you tell us where these demonstrations took place and why?

La FEGUIJUDO has around 10 clubs and the photographs sent are from events in two clubs in their sporting activities. Equatorial Guinea is divided into a larger part called the Continental Region, the largest city being Bata, and an Insular part where Malabo, the capital of the country, can be found”.

Is this part of a vast programme to develop judo in Equatorial Guinea?

The federation has an annual calendar of official sporting activities, and this is being applied, and it allows us to prepare the children’s judo project”.

Have you received support from the International Judo Federation? Can you describe the support received and how it will help the development of judo in the country?

We have not yet received support from the IJF, but we are expecting 250 kimonos and 3 tatamis. This sports material has been donated within the framework of the children’s judo project that is soon to begin in Equatorial Guinea. As a consequence this support would fit like a glove, in order to begin the project in the five school centres chosen to promote children’s judo”.

What is the situation regarding judo in Equatorial Guinea today?

The FEGUIJUDO has 10 clubs and around 100 judokas. There are no native black belts as yet, only foreigners”.

Why do you believe in the development of the practice among the youngest in schools?

The Government organised a national conference on the state of sport in the country, at which they approved the promotion of school sports in all sports which are officially recognised in the country; for that reason, the IJF has been asked to support the FEGUIJUDO in the promotion of children’s judo, so that young people have a culture of sports.

After signing the agreement protocol between the Minister for Education, University Teaching and Sports, the President of the Olympic Committee and the President of the FEGUIJUDO, and for the International Judo Federation, its President, Marius Vizer, we are continuing with the activities of judo with a view to the start of the children’s judo project in our country”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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