Interview with President of the Senate

The President of the Senate, Teresa Efua Asangono, was interviewed on 26th February at the headquarters of the institution, by experts from the Equatorial Guinea Horizonte 2020 Agency, in order to hear her impressions on the evolution seen in the country from the 80s to the present.

During the interview, Efua Asangono spoke about the political, economic and social evolution in the country, recalling her past role as Deputy Rapporteur at the First National Economic Conference in 1997.

In the political sphere, she highlighted the achievements of the democracy in our country with the integration of the Senate, a new legislative institution, attached to the national Parliament, which transformed it into a bicameral Parliament, as a consequence of the institutional reforms which culminated in a referendum.

The impact of the events of the last decade on the role of women in Equatorial Guinea was justified by Efua Asangono, as a positive tendency in the recognition of the important role of women in social development and within the family.

In addition to encouraging women to train, the President was optimistic about the process of women’s emancipation, as creative businesswomen, in order to forge the future of generations.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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