Interview with the Attorney General of the Republic

In an interview that took place on 11th July with reporters, the Attorney General of the Republic, David Nguema Obiang Eyang, answered questions related to his position and made an assessment of his four years as Attorney General.

In relation to the work of an Attorney General of the Republic, David Nguema Obiang Eyang stated that one of the functions is to make sure that there is strict adherence in our society to the legal system in our country: As you know, it is commonly said that the law is blind. So, it is the rule of law that takes precedence in our country. I speak of the rule of law in a general sense because the country functions in a normal way in regards to the law. Nobody is above the law, whether they are the authorities or individuals.

The obligation of the Attorney General of the Republic is to simply to demand respect for the law. To elaborate on this a little, I want to make society in general see that the guidelines, the foundations that the State itself has created are foundations that allow us to have a normal and balanced coexistence. Because if we start to act on the fringes of these general guidelines designed by the State itself there cannot be peace or coexistence, and there cannot be harmony. All this starts in our homes, our public relations, and everything revolves around the law. If the law were not applicable to everyone, there would be anarchy”.

In regards to the progress achieved in the last four years as Attorney General, David Nguema Obiang Eyang asserted that they have achieved so much progress over this period: “I can sincerely speak with authority: there have been so many changes in Equatorial Guinean society and it keeps changing in a positive way. First of all, our society was not sufficiently prepared because it didn’t have legal culture and our obligation is not only to fulfil the constitutional privileges that each one of us has, but also to raise awareness and to educate society. In the past, it was difficult to talk to someone about the law and we used to have some expressions that are now obsolete in our society. This means that our society is being sensitized, and is also integrating itself in accordance to the events of a society under development. What has happened is that our country has developed in a quick way, but the mentality of our citizens has been left behind a little. Over recent years, Equatorial Guinean citizens are integrating in the new society that the country itself is creating”.

The Attorney General also wanted to send a message to the nation: I would like to see that the media take a lot of interest in the work carried out by Judges because as I mentioned earlier, our society is not accustomed to be interested in this because it didn’t have sufficient legal culture. Therefore, the media must play an important role for us to achieve this, and so I congratulate you for this interview, and for wanting to know the role that Public Ministry carries out in our society. I conclude by showing pride for our legal system in our country which is not so bad, and it is not at rock bottom. At the same time, I also want to acknowledge that we are not the best, but what I can confirm is that we are working on this”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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